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jewellery design ideas for a seaglass pendant.
The silver setting ready for the seaglass to be fitted
Once a design is chosen work will begin

I am a designer maker working from my home studio in Norfolk. I exhibit at various shows throughout the year but most of my work is commission based. I have a leaning towards geometric forms but as you can see from above nature also influences my work.  I have a special interest in sea-glass and mixed metals.

Chrissie_Lines Jewellery
My Story

I am a designer maker working from a studio in North Norfolk. My work can be found at various shows throughout the year in the county and also available to purchase online. I like to work as far as possible with recycled silver and gold and especially enjoy working with sea-glass, an ethical and environmental way to add colour to my work.

My vision

My vision is to design and make jewellery that is beautiful, affordable, easy to wear and makes you feel good. No two pieces are ever the same so you can be sure it will reflect your personality. I like to work with you to identify your wants and needs and am happy to spend time ensuring it is exactly what you want. 

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